Thursday, January 9, 2014

My mother and aunt were your typical bell bottom wearing, feathered hair, weed smoking party girls throughout the 70's, 80's and a slight pour over into the 90's. I was babysat by bikers and wore roach clips in my hair. We frequented the desert, took van trips to the mountains and camped on the beaches of Tijuana. 

I grew up in an adult world but maintained a childhood innocence with a ferocious appetite for knowledge and experience and a heavy dose of curiosity. I often cataloged the adult things that my child brain would see but not "get" for that day when I was finally, as my mother put it, "older". 

This arbitrary time of "older" told me nothing and always pushed me to wear her down with incessant whining and nagging.."but I'm getting older every second!" "I want an exact age or date!!!" I managed to win 90% of the time and it was ALWAYS worth the battle! 

This amazing collection of rad times has brought me back to that catalogue and the awesome memories that, when viewed through my adult eyes, feels like a whole new experience. 

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